Because of the expansiveness of the Three Forks Ranch 200,000 acre property, many people are unaware that we’re also a working cattle ranch.

Excellent progressive management with pasture rotation and cattle handling facilities are in place. Hydraulic chutes and scales are on the premises for shipping and processing. The cowboy crew is very experienced and is stationed at cow camps within the ranch. All are capable of doctoring cattle on the range, and are very astute at handling cattle to achieve the best gains.

Three Forks Ranch has developed a very strong herd of Black Angus mother cows. Sire selection, individual performance testing and stringent culling have resulted in a herd of meat-making machines. Typically we sell our calves through the Superior Livestock Auction Video Sale. Our steer calves are always at the top of the sale offering.

Stop by the Ranch; we love to show them off and would love to have you as an owner of our next crop. For inquiries about our cattle operations, please email Shawn Foster at .